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My name is Chris Miller. After having 2 beautiful children, my body was not so beautiful. Before I knew it, I had outgrown all my clothes and was still trying to squeeze into regular clothes. I REFUSED to buy "plus-sized" clothes. I watched some of my friends lose a lot of weight using ACE.

I'm an RN, and a skeptic by nature. With my medical background, I tend to roll my eyes at all the "natural" supplements. I couldn't not atleast try ACE. I mean, after all, my friends wouldn't lead me down a wrong path, and I watched them lose a ton of weight taking ACE. After finally eating my words about how the stuff does not work, I tried ACE, and lost 12 pounds in my first 2 weeks!! After that point, I knew I HAD to be a part of this awesome company, and want to continue to have great success with ACE.

Now, it's your turn! Click on the link below to order a bottle for $60 (+ $2 shipping) or a 30 ct trial pack for $30 (+ $2 shipping).

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